Bareboat Chartering (104)

Bareboat Chartering (104)

Prerequisites: Basic Keelboat  (ASA101) and Basic Coastal Cruising Certifications (ASA103)

General Description: This is an advanced cruising standard for sailors with cruising experience. Certified students act as skipper or crew of a 30 – 50 foot boat sailing by day in coastal waters. The course includes basic navigation, cruise planning, advanced anchoring techniques, boat systems and maintenance procedures. Most charter companies require a sailing resume from the Skipper charting the boat, and look for this certification.

Format: Taught on Lake Michigan from Waukegan or Milwaukee. It is offered in 4 formats.  Consecutive weekend, whole weekend or combined with Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA103) or Coastal Navigation (ASA105) in the popular “On Safaris” 4-day format cruising from Milwaukee or Waukegan with an overnight aboard.


Cost: $545 – includes necessary course materials and certification.
“On Safaris” – ASA103/ASA104 – $1080
“On Safaris” – ASA104/ASA105 – $985


Interested in registering or have questions?  Please check our calendar for available dates, call us at 847-917-7245 or send an e-mail to