Navigation Fundamentals

This course is designed to teach the Great Lakes Sailor the essential skills necessary to coastal cruise between ports, even crossing the lake.

Learn the basics of coastal navigation through the use of a DR (Dead Reckoning) route and updating your position with the use of a hand bearing compass.  Unlock the wonders of nautical charts along with other navigational resources important to coastal cruising.  This four hour course will teach you navigation basics and is essential  if you plan to cruise or venture along or beyond our shores.  Navigational tools and resources provided.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
1. Chart symbols and conventions on U.S. nautical charts in accordance with the terminology of Chart #1.
2. Publications and skills required for prudent navigation in the local area.
3. How to use navigation instruments necessary for safe passage.
4. Plot a dead reckoning position on a chart using speed, time and course to steer.
5. Plot a chart position from terrestrial objects.
6. Learn terms and characteristics used for lighted navigation aids.
7. Understand the significance of shapes, colors, and lights used in the buoyage system.
Learning Investment – $115