Basic Celestial Endorsement (117)

Basic Celestial Endorsement (117)

Prerequisites: None

Description: This endorsement course teaches students the basics of celestial navigation with the working knowledge to gain a position fix at sea.  Students will get hands-on experience with the sextant and learn the fascinating concepts that make celestial navigation possible. We highly recommend this course as an important skill for emergency navigation and as a fun learning exercise that will allow you to better understand everyday lunar changes.

Format: Taught in two formats – Classroom or “On Safaris”. During the winter, the classroom sessions are taught in a two-consecutive-day, two-consecutive-weekend format. The “On Safaris” format will be offered in a combined classroom and weekend sail to apply your newly learned skill where you’ll use it – on the water.

Cost: Jan – December, Saturday & Sunday, $199 – Classroom, $399 – weekend sail.

* $20 Discount when taught as a couple or 2 friends.


Interested in registering or have questions?  Please check our calendar for available dates and call us at 847-917-7245 or send an e-mail to