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Turn your passion into your profession and share sailing with others!  

The American Sailing Association provides Instructor Certifications and Sea Safaris Sailing School hosts these clinics every year. If you are a sailor with some experience who wants to teach others, or have lots of teaching experience and enjoy teaching family or friends how to sail then joining our team is for you! 

This program is for sailors, teachers, and dreamers who want to
make a little money while teaching sailing and living the dream.

Teaching sailing is the best way to achieve mastery of sailing. As a professional sailor, you can learn all the ins and outs of sailing and make money while doing it. How can we possibly make a sailors life any better? Start living the dream and join our team of the best sailing instructors around!

Complete your ASA Instructor Qualification Clinic(s) at Sea Safaris Sailing School and join our team of highly respected professionals!  

Our instructors receive 100% tuition reimbursement for each clinic after teaching their first course at that level (ie., reimbursed for ASA 201 after teaching one complete ASA 101 course, reimbursed for ASA 203 after teaching one complete ASA 103 course and reimbursed for ASA 205 after teaching one complete ASA 105 course).

Sea Safaris Sailing School holds ASA Instructor Qualification Clinics every Spring to enable individuals to become ASA Certified Sailing Instructors.  We have individuals from across the country attending the clinics at our headquarters in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

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ASA requirements are:
  • Be 18 years of age
  • Have at least three years of sailing experience
  • Be certified to ASA 101. This requirement can be met by testing out of ASA 101 at our location for $275 or taking the two-day course for $487.50 on a weekend.
  • The ASA 201 (instructor version of ASA 101) is 1.5 days starting Friday morning at 9:00am. There are classroom portions of the clinic as well as on the water portions where you will demonstrate your ability to perform the sailing requirements of ASA 101. You will bring the completed ASA 101 exam to the clinic. ASA 203 (Basic Coastal Cruising) is one half-day (Saturday afternoon) ASA 205 (Coastal Navigation) is one day (Sunday).
Total Cost: $1,587
Paid at time of Enrollment: $500
Paid upon start of IQC: $711
Paid upon Certification: $376

The above fees include ASA Instructor Membership for the remainder of the current year and certification fees. Books are additional as most individuals already have the books. The books, if you need books, are $30.25 for Coastal Cruising Made Easy (ASA 103) and $43.24 for Bareboat Cruising Made Easy (ASA 104). Shipping is not included.  The instructor membership fee and certification fee are not paid if one should not complete ASA 201. The certification fees for the other levels are not paid until being certified by the Instructor Evaluator.

NOTE: Even though you can earn your ASA Instructor Certificate without holding a US Merchant Marine Credential (captain's license), you will not be eligible to work as an instructor on US federal waters without credentials/licensure.

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