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Captain Don Doggett

Captain Don Doggett

​Owner, Visionary

Captain Don Doggett, a seasoned mariner and visionary entrepreneur, stands as the proud owner of Sea Safaris Sailing School. Hailing from the serene inland lakes of northern Wisconsin, Captain Don's passion for sailing ignited at a young age, eventually leading him to purchase his first sailboat on the vast waters of Great Lakes more than two decades ago.

Over the years, Captain Don has helmed a diverse fleet of sail and power boats, showcasing his versatility in handling various sizes and models. His maritime journey has evolved into a captivating tale of exploration, from his early roots cruising the Great Lakes to sailing the distance seas of the Mediterranean, sharing his extensive knowledge with new sailors seeking to master the art of sailing.

Renowned for his dedication to teaching adult sailing and liveaboard cruising courses, Captain Don's expertise extends far beyond the Great Lakes, encompassing the East Coast, Caribbean, and Mediterranean. With a USCG 100-ton Master Captain's License and an esteemed ASA Senior Master Instructor designation, Captain Don offers a comprehensive range of ASA certifications and USCG Merchant Mariner courses.

In addition to his instructive pursuits, Captain Don is a true entrepreneur at heart, having founded and successfully operated several companies. Currently at the helm of three active enterprises, he continues to shape the maritime landscape and inspire a new generation of sailors. His commitment to promoting sailing and maritime skills resonates through his involvement with various organizations, spanning from the East Coast to the Mid-West.

Captain Don Doggett stands not only as a seasoned mariner and instructor but also as a visionary leader whose entrepreneurial spirit continues to chart new courses on both land and sea.

Captain Angie Doggett

Captain Angie Doggett

Director, Marketing & Business Development

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Angie fell in love with Milwaukee and the marine/boating lifestyle. As a sailor, she has competed in a number of sailing regattas plus serves as a US Sailing PRO (Principal Race Officer) for local and regional events. She has a passion for teaching spouses/significant others/guests of boat owners what should happen if they find themselves "suddenly in command". She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience sailing with others. She has been trained as a first responder and maintains first aid and CPR certifications.

Captain Brian Kendzor

Captain Brian Kendzor

Lead Instructor

Captain Brian’s love for sailing developed during his Navy career in the 80’s & 90’s, where he served 15 years as a USCG- trained safety and survival specialist. Port Washington is his home port, but offshore is definitely his “happy place”.

Brian is a long-time member of the Port Washington Yacht Club, where he has served as the Fleet Captain for many years. He enjoys day sailing as well as longer journeys and participates in local and long-distance races throughout the season. Racing & cruising sailboats are definitely his passion, but sharing that passion with others, and watching sailors develop with him has become equally rewarding.

Captain Justin Gallion

Captain Justin Gallion


Captain Justin Gallion has more than 15 years of sailing experience on many different types and sizes of boats, from racing dingys to large keel boats on the Great Lakes, Atlantic Coast and Virgin Islands. Justin has been an ASA instructor at Sea Safaris Sailing School for several years and holds a USCG license. Having raced on across Lake Michigan for several years; he now enjoys teaching and sharing his experiences with newcomers and seasoned sailors alike.

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