Sea Safaris offers students and student’s guests the opportunity to expand their horizons through participation in one of our EduTilla Adventurers.

These 3-4 day sailing outings are designed to teach sailing skills seldom encountered (tides, currents, shallows, cruise planning, anchoring and weather) in new and interesting locations. We designed the outings to take advantage of a given location where students may start or end their vacation with an interesting perspective from the water.

We’ve started with two of our favorite areas – The Cape Cod Islands and Door County. Over years of living and vacationing in these areas we’ve grown to appreciate the rich character and history, from both a nautical and social perspective. From a ecological and geographical standpoint they are exceptional locations as well. If you are familiar from a terra-firma perspective, come, explore and appreciate their nautical beauty as well.

There are a number of other area’s to follow – from Maine to New York Harbor to the Carolina Shores and Pacific Northwest and the Puget Sound – we’d like to unlock these nautically exceptional areas you may not have explored as just a vacation. Spend a weekend or a week following to complete your vacation and satisfy your curiosity for something new.