Sun, Moon and Stars for Sail

Sun, Moon and Stars for Sail

Sun, Moon and Stars as they were meant to be seen…

Have you ever experienced a sunset or moonrise from the water? Remember when and where you first saw the MilkyWay without the din from the sound or lights of the city? Recall or see the natures wonders for the first time from our own best theatre surrounding – Lake Michigan.

On our Full Moon dates we’ll sail from harbor, witness the Sunset on one horizon and the Moon Rise on the opposite horizon.

On our New Moon dates we’ll sail out, watch the Sunset and spend time about 10 miles or so from shore enjoying a starry night – refreshing or learning a few new Stars, Planets or Constellations.

These sessions are typically taught in the fall, beginning Mid-August.  Check our calendar for event dates & times.
Adventure Costs –
Sun and Moon Voyage – $40.00 per person
Sun and Star Tour – $50.00 per person